Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mercedes-Benz of Orange Park

     Mercedes-Benz of Orange Park, a Brumos Company, first opened in 2008. We are now one of the fastest growing Mercedes-Benz dealerships in the nation. Our dealership is one of a kind. Mercedes-Benz of Orange Park won the Best of the Best Award for 2011. Only the top 15% of dealerships win this award.

     When you buy your Mercedes-Benz you can expect the 'Best of the Best' customer service, refreshments, snacks, television, and even a red carpet when you are taking delivery of your vehicle. We even offer free car washes Monday-Friday. You never have to wash your vehicle again. You can hang out in the lounge and use our free wi-fi or sit and have refreshments while watching television. Even better than that, you can come hang out with me while you are getting your car washed! My customers are like family to me. I love you see you all back!

     Service for a Mercedes-Benz or smart car is once a year or every 10,000 miles. If you live within 200 miles of our dealership, we have complimentary valet that will go to your home a pick-up your vehicle and drop off a Mercedes-Benz loaner car.

Mercedes-Benz of Orange Park is truly the Best of the Best!

Carmen Santiago
Sales & Leasing Consultant
Mercedes-Benz of Orange Park
7018 Blanding Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32244
(904) 777-5900


  1. Excellent job Carmen. It's just what we have grown to expect from you.

    1. Thank you Marvin! You are the perfect example of someone who hangs out with me while your car is being serviced or washed. Haha! You know we will be getting new Brabus smarts soon right...? :)I believe I have 2 white ones allocated to me. I chose white, because we have never had white Brabus' before; only silver & black.